Artistic Angels Art Shop (Taking Requests)


how wonderful!


What’s your request?


Its not that noone doesn’t want to do it lol. You can choose another artist from above bc I updated who’s taking requests


Whoever I pick never wants to do it :confused:


It’s above



Art scene,

Girl (mc) wearing a pink towel and glaring at the boy leaning against the doorframe who’s doing the animation “rubneck”. Girl has blonde hair the same as in my profile picture and brown eyes. the boy has black slicked back hair and dark eyes and should be wearing a white tank top with a black leather jacket over it and black ripped jeans

Just copied and pasted from the top


They were full. I’m sorry about that. Some of our artists have requests to complete. I can guarantee you that the artists at the top of my thread have time. We’re all active and but of us aren’t available.


Who does limelight art scenes?


Just wondering.


Our limelight art scene makers are busy or on a break. When do you need it?


Soon, I was hoping latest next weekend :confused:


We might have an opening. I’ll see how many requests our LL artists have then I’ll get back to you. :revolving_hearts:


Okay, ty :heartbeat:


@paigebarr said she’ll try to do it. She might need a little more time considering she’s used to doing ink and LL is a bit more complex. :heart:


Do you have a doorway image I could use?


hi! you all seem so talented! i would love if @Zepherine could make me an art scene of my character looking back over her shoulder. ( i could provide the background) :slight_smile:


She’s not available. Did you see the thing next to her name because I think it’s not showing? We have many talented artists though :blush:


oh , oops. :sweat_smile:


It’s okay lol. Sometimes people don’t see it.



Artist: @Madaline.episode


Digital Art Scene: i would love if you could make me an art scene of the main character looking back over her shoulder looking sad. ( i can provide the background to use or for inspiration… as well as character details and a screenshot of character)
I planned on using this scene in the season finale of my story )

Time Frame: 2 weeks

Password: I read rules and am picking a available artist.