Artistic Angels Art Shop (Taking Requests)


Like this? But only the male facing the other side


Exactly and I need your background and you just want the warning splash?


And how taller is he than her (I don’t know my heights so…)


no worries at all :slight_smile:


What would you like the person doing?


hi i was wondering if anyone can make me a cover for my story please


Please fill out the form at the top! :blush:


What Artist: Doesn’t really matter you all are talented

Ink or LL: LL

What are you requesting:(Digital art, character edit etc., Cover

Any Images: Shattered Mirror or heart

skintone; Rose3
Eyebrow; Arched Thin/chestnut brown
face shape; Diamond Defined Contour
Hair / color; Long Wavy Parted Hair/ Brunette Brown
eyes; Female Generic - hazel
mouth; Full Heart Pouty - Pink Warm Gloss
nose; Round Button Upturned
Pumps Closed Round Black
Royal Blazer Polyester Neutral Back
High Waisted Skinny Jeans Denim Neutral Black

skintone; Gold2
Eyebrow; arched medium
face shape; Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble
Hair / color; Medium Taper Wavy - dark brown
eyes; Deepset Downturned Lidded - green emerald
mouth; Medium Heart- Beige Rose
nose; Medium Heart
Vest And Shirt Combo Heart Tie Long Sleeve Cuffed Shirt Polyester Red Wine
Belted Leather Casual Slacks Corduroy Grey Black
Boots Motor Lace Leather Black
skintone; rose3
Eyebrow; Arched Medium
face shape; Square Long Jaw Stubble
Hair / color; Tousled Loose Curls Long - black dark
eyes; Deepset Downturned Lidded - deep blue
mouth; Full Heart Natural- light rose nude matte
nose; Male Generic

Short Sleeve Pocket Button Up Neutral Grey Lt Warm
Quilted Studded Laceup Quilted Pattern Ankle Boots Leathergrey Black
Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black

Time Frame:
At least in a week or two
Extra Notes:
Both guys looking at the girl with a flirty look but the girl has a angry look
Girl needs to be in the middle
idk be creative please lol:p
And the title is Beautifully Broken


Thank you so much for requesting!! We will get you settled with an artist soon. :blush::heart:


thanks so much xoxo


Drawn or Edited?


how long would it be for drawn? i wouldn’t want the artist to waste too much of time


About a week.


Hey girl! I need some more details of the setting, for the moon I was thinking at the beach or her looking over a lake. And then if she is, stting or standing because I have a really nice image in my head I just need to make sure it fits your story!


Hey! Does she still need an artist to help her with her request?


Yes either standing or sitting sounds great! Honestly. Which looks sadder? Lol She will be closer to the beach then a lake in terms of storyline.


Sitting I think! Okay! Sound great I will continue to work!


Do you want it drawn or would a regular cover or edited be fine? @prashansaravi is ill right now and she’s not available to do it so another artist will.




Hey girl, I finished your art scene please let me know if there is any problems or anything you would like fixed!! And if there is anything else you want added!!