Artistic Angels Art Shop (Taking Requests)


We’re looking for a artist for you. We’ll get back to you asap. :heartpulse:


Thank you :grinning:


Do you have a specific way you want it and what background?


No not really💛


@Madaline.episode will be doing your request.


do you know when it’ll be done?


@PropertyofNae has been suspended for 1000 YEARS so she can’t answer :disappointed:


Jesus Christ, why?


We have no idea, she didn’t do anything. Apparently it was for “sharing an account with someone that was suspended” when she only shared her account with her sister, who never got suspended. I’ll ask how the edit is coming along though. :revolving_hearts:


Okay so this is it… I’m sorry about it. I did fine on the clothes and bodies, but when it came to faces I wasn’t so good at it. :confounded: If you want to ask someone else for one I would be okay with it.




Form: @Vanessalove

What Artist: @Ghosty OR @Sunset_Shimmer

Ink or LL: Limelight

What are you requesting:(Digital art, character edit etc.,
Cover request , digitally drawn or Character edit.
Any Images:


These are the Backgrounds
This is the commend version but it way to big this almost how i want it

! This is the Animation on I want girls to look like ! (Nerd on the school side)(Pretty one on the other side)
Here are the backgrounds


Character details

Girl: Sofia (Nerd)
Boy: Oscar
Girl: Sofia (Pretty one)

Skin Tone:
Sofia 1: Rose 03
OSCAR: Rose 03
Sofia 2: Rose 03

Sofia 1: long high ponytail
OSCAR: wavy messy
Sofia 2: long featured bangs blunt

Hair color:
Sofia 1: Black Dark
OSCAR: Black Dark
Sofia 2 : Deep Brown

Sofia 1: Deepset Almond
OSCAR: Deepset Downturned
Sofia 2 : Deepset Almond

Eye color:
Sofia 1: Violet
OSCAR: Ice blue
Sofia 2: Brown lights

Sofia 1 : Arched Short
Oscar: straight medium scar
Sofia 2: Arched natural scar

Eyebrow Color:
Sofia 1: Black Dark
OSCAR: Black Dark
Sofia 2: Deep Brown

Sofia 1: Round Button Upturned
OSCAR: Button round
Sofia 2: round button upturned

Face shape:
Sofia 1: Heart Soft
OSCAR: Diamond soft
Sofia 2: Heart soft

Sofia 1: Full Heart Pouty
OSCAR: Medium Hert
Sofia 2: Full heart pouty

Mouth color:
Sofia 1: Pink
OSCAR: Fair Rose Matte
Sofia 2: Red


Nerd Sofia


Pretty Sofia

Time Frame:
I really don’t know take your time.
Extra Notes:
When you are making the cover can you put Oscar in the back idle with arms crossed Natural on both sides


Drawn or edited?


I can do it (drawn or edited)


Hey @prashansaravi AND @Ghosty
I think i want it edited if that okay
and thank you for taking my request
-Vanessa Love


Ok. :+1:t4:


this is unrelated but why tf are you calling each one “nerd” and “pretty girl”

so nerds can’t be pretty?

(I know ima get flagged for this)


Your comment is amazing, but we have to do the request since it didn’t really violate our guidelines. :kissing_heart:


Yes, I understand lol

i just got mad at how she implied that nerds are a different type of girl - not a pretty girl. Which annoyed me


I believe she was just doing it so that we could understand her vision better