Artistic Angels Art Shop (Taking Requests)

Sorry, but thanks for the head up.

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No problem. I need to fix the rules around to make things simpler.

Alright. I’ll probably have it complete in a few days

Thanks for requesting! Want digital art or a character edit??

BuMPiTY bUmP BUmP :cowboy_hat_face:


Character edit :smile:


@EpisodeUser997 oh and sorry but In the cover can u make the mermaids shadows in the water

What Artist: @SASB

Ink or LL: Ink

What are you requesting: cover art, digitally drawn.

Any Images:


Details: just edit/use images of my characters.

time frame: 3 days

extra notes:

  • add highlight to characters
  • Put my characters back to back in the middle of background
  • add blood dripping across top of background
    -add fangs with blood dripping off them on to my guy character
  • add the puzzle image at top left corner and add a text in the peices. (first puzzle piece says: PuzzlePieces) (second puzzle piece says: A story by Leesha.epy)
  • add any other nice looking features to the cover e.g (glitter, lighting, objects)
  • if my background or anything doesn’t look good you can change it

Thankyou very much!


Cool, okay I’ll get right onto it after a request, is it a small cover, large cover? Also, is the background just plain white, or is there something mind you have?


It is a small cover, and here is the background

you can change it to something different if it doesn’t work well with the art.

Okay I’ll get right on it :yellow_heart:


Thanks i really appreciate it :sparkling_heart:


What Artist: @episodelillian

Ink or LL: Ink

What are you requesting: (This story uses sound, turn it up!) , digitally drawn.

Any Images:


Details: just use image of character

time frame: 2 days

extra notes:

  • add extra details like glitter & blood or whatever

Thankyou very much!
Leesha.Epy x


Just keep bUmpInG and bUMpiNg and BuMPiNg and BuMpInG…you know ya gotta keep…keep on bumping!


May I request a splash? :blush:

What Artist: @PropertyofNae

Ink or LL: LL

What are you requesting:(Digital art, character edit etc., A splash?

Any Images:

Character details (if you need them):
Body - Copper 03
Brow - Round Thin High (Black Dark)
Hair/Color - Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept Solid (Black Dark)
Eyes/Color - Deepset Downturned (Brown Light)
Face - Round Soft
Nose - Defined Natural
Lips/Color - Full Heart Pouty (Red Deep Gloss)

Is it possible for you to make me a splash similar to the angel one you made for @/Jordanxoxo? It would say This Story Uses Sound then Use Headphones For The Best Experience (same words lol).

The pose could be anything you wish. The background would be different though and her arms wouldn’t be in the air like the one you did before.

Time Frame: Whenever you complete it :blush:

Extra Notes: None that I can think of.
Password: I read rules


Is it okay to request one more thing as long as it’s not from the same person?

What Artist: @Sunset_Shimmer

Ink or LL: INK

What are you requesting:(Digital art, character edit etc., A banner

Any Images:
This character. You may use any pose you choose.

Could I request a welcome to my profile banner? With my character in it? You may choose any background/ font you’d like. Cursive is preferred though :blush:

Time Frame: Whenever you’re available to do it.

Extra Notes: None that I know of.

Password: I read rules

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I’m on it.

Sure, I’ll start on it shortly. :blossom:

Thanks for requesting :slight_smile: since I have another request and yours is digital art, it might take me while.

I can definitely not get it done in 2 days.

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