Of course! Please send me the details or write me on my instagram mademoisselle.episode. Thank you. :pray::heart:

They r amazing!!!

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My story’s named Last Dance that’s it pretty much all I can say, hopefully you can create a cover soon, THANK YOU :heart: btw it’s in the ink style

Thank you!:heart:

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Can you give me more details about characters or I will choose them from my POV?

It’s fine I don’t think it really matters. do it your way I know it will be great :kissing_heart:

Just tell me how long it would take you :blush:

i would love your help please pm me if you could help me

When do you want it ready? :blush:

Please, write me on my new instagram account or here and give me the details. :blush:

As soon as possible idk a week, tell me how long your covers usually take?

It’s ok, a week is perfect. Thank you, dear.:heart::pray:

Let me know when it’s done. Thank you so much you really saved me :heart:

Hi your covers are really awesome!!! I was wondering if I can make a request if your still doing this.

But I just wanted to say your really talented. I love the example covers!!!

Thank you so much. Please, if you can, write me on my instagram (mademoisselle.episode), or send here the details about what you want. :pray::heart:

These are the characters.

Story title called The Boss if I can could I have something like the example that is Under Our Wild Sky. If there is anymore details you need?

If there is anymore details that you need just tell me.

If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to request!
Here are my details:

No need to rush girl! I don’t need it in a rush, just a profile pic by the way