Artistic Partner(s) Needed!

Looking for a partner who can help with covers and additional art scenes. Theme is ‘Romance’ for limelight and a preferred art style can be realistic OR animated. I’m just starting out new so I’d like free artists at the moment. All credits will absolutely be mentioned. My insta is @xxbabyarixx if interested!


Hi i would like to help you since I’m an artist.
I only do commissions so i don’t do free arts but if you need more arts I would give you a really good discount if you need a partnership that’s for sure, or if you need only one art or a cover that’s perfect for me and if you need it i can give you also a bit of a discount if for you my prices are to high but i promise you I’m really cheap!!!

Here i give you some of my samples of my works so you can see if you like my style or not


Your art is absolutely amazing unfortunately I’m currently trying to get my own bank account and when I get it I’ll definitely let you know and we can talk about prices then! :grin: :heart:

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You can view all free and open art shops via this thread.

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Hi!!! I also do commissions! ypu can dm me on my instagram @zamiraarts. I do cover art, art scenes and bg.

Here are some samples

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Okay no problem, i totally understand :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: