Artistofepi's outfit and character generator

@SydneyH I don’t know if this is in the right section :sweat_smile:

Hey, guys.

I’m here to help you!!!

Do you need characters??? I can help you!!!

Do you need outfit ideas??? I can help you!!!

No credit is needed

Just let me know what you need!!!

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Hi I actually need and outfit ideas so can u give me some suggestion of outfit please?

sure. guy or gal


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got it. here are a few:

want more?

2 more please

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Does this work for Classic, ink and Limelight styles? Or are you creating ink outfits only?

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I can do all styles :slight_smile:

Yay, good to know :slight_smile:

I unfortunately don’t need any suggestions right now, (my instagram story explains why) :frowning:

Hopefully soon though

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thats ok!!! I hope you come back soon

Thank u :blush:

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np. let me know if you want more

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Love these!!! Would love to see some Classic and Limelight outfits… I may not be able to write but I can look lol

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ok lol how many of each

2 each for both male and female? Or however many you like :slight_smile:

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I’m bored right now lol

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lol ok I’ll make

2 female LL
2 male LL

2 female Classic
2 Male Classic

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any specific theme? Or just. casual?