Artists & Episode Rules

Hey! I’ve been browsing a lot in the art ressources part of the forum, and on Instagram looking for artists so I could request a cover for my story. I stumbled upon a post here on the forum where Episode states that Art containing Episode characters should be free, and that if you make people pay you need to use your own style.
Now I’m wondering where exactly is that line that makes a cover free?
I’ve seen a lot of artists on instagram use digital art, but their art is very similar to the Episode characters, so is that free or?
I’d love to support artists and I’m all about people getting money for their hard work, I just don’t feel like spending money on my story, yet. (I may spend if the story does well, in the future)
So basically I was wondering what’s the best an author could get without spending money?
I hope this doesn’t come out wrong!
Thank you x

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Covers using Episode characters whether it’s outlines or edits absolutely must be free or those editors can be sued. They can’t be paid because they’re essentially using Episode’s licensed content (INK, LL) and making money off of it.

Artists who use their own styles like episode.sucre for example would be people you could pay because she is using her own style, she might make a hairstyle similar to what a character looks like - but she isn’t using LL or INK styles to make that art, if it makes sense.

The best you can get w/o spending money is following groups on IG like epy.elegance and waiting for them to open up requests for covers/intros/outros/etc. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.


It did help a lot!
Thank you!

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No problem. There are tons more groups on IG btw, that was just the first I thought of.

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Very good explanation :slight_smile:


Thanks Jeremy!