Artists for a free cover needed!

so i need an artist who’s willing to make me a cover for free. my story is in ink so i’d like the characters drawn that way if that’s possible! if you’re willing to do it let me know and i’ll give you everything you need to know to draw it, thanks!:blob_hearts:


I recommend you asking in an art shop, more serious and often better quality!

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Hey I also want art cover and I sure going to publish my story

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You could check out this art shop :blob_hearts:-


i don’t know for sure if i’m going to publish my story but your drawings are amazing! if i make up my mind i’ll let you know! :heart:

hey! so i’ve made up my mind and i am going to publish my story! are you still willing to draw me a cover for free? if so please let me know what info i should give you!:blob_hearts:

yes! i messaged you.