Artists message mee

I need someone who is willingly to draw me a kissing art scene between two of my characters for free. Credit WILL BE GIVEN in my story and my instagram @emnm.epy Message me if you are willing to!

Unfortunately, Iโ€™m not an artist but I think quite a few artists on the forum take requests right now, you can try messaging them :sweat_smile:


Iโ€™m an artist and I can help!!

Hey girl, I am an artist dm if u apr interested @findmylogic.

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Omgg Iโ€™m watching euphoria rn haha

Can you show me some of ur pieces plzz

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Hope i can help! :heart::sparkles:

I love ur arttt! It isnt the type of style I want for my art scene. But I would love it if u could make a pfp for me on my insta. Iโ€™d credit u on my feed :heart:

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Hi! :heart::sparkles:
You can pm me the details or visit my art shop itโ€™s linked in my bio

Thank u!! Do you have instagram by chance

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Yes! @epi_lily20