Artist's Mistakes

Hahaha I’m sorry I don’t know where this go exactly :sweat_smile: @Sydney_H do you mind checking?

Okay welcome :smile: this thread has no intention in hurting anyone or discouraging any artists so if you have any problems please exit.

So we all artists usually see things that make us cringe or go like omg I think I made that mistake before :slightly_smiling_face: hopefully this thread helps out other artists know what we think and improve your work.

Some things for me that bother me are

  • When some people don’t add pupils to the eyes :see_no_evil: it makes it look weird.
  • Using bright colors together with no shading!
  • Absolutely no shading at all! It makes the drawing look bland, any artists who doesn’t know how to shade feel free to message me :ghost: and I’ll give you a pointer and find you a tutorial.

Just a few things I added feel free to add yours and I’m sorry if I offended someone, you saw my disclaimer and you ignored it :woman_shrugging:
pm me if you want to come at me instead of taking it here and I don’t remove myself so imagine what you’ll get yourself into.

Please tag any artists :slightly_smiling_face:


Hm well I get very annoyed at messy paintings, like when people go outside lines too much. It’s easy to not see it at first… I always forget it myself but it does bother me heh.
Though I have to disagree w you! I actually love unshaded pieces! I think it can look really cool as long as the outlines are well made.
And I actually love when people skip the pupils hehe… :grimacing:
But you know, we all have different taste :yum:


Making the hands and arms ridiculously small. Our arms are actually really long, people! And the hands are much bigger than we think.

Also, not making the pupils touch the edge of the eye at any point subconsciously says “creepy” to our brains

And forgetting elbows exist and making arms like giant snakes!!! :scream:

Plus shading anywhere that looks pretty is something I used to do as a kid but needs a lot of work on Episode. Hair doesn’t just sheen in random places! Find a light source and work with it :sweat_smile:



Yes not adding pupils most of the time gives it a creepy vibe and it’s not human

Let’s not forget when their stabilizer isn’t at 10 if their using Ibis.

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Hahaha yes :grimacing: straight lines or close are really good and perfect

But if you have squiggly lines for and outline 🤦

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Sorry I meant the iris!!! Not a lot of people know that if the iris of the eye doesn’t touch the edge of the eye at some points, it screams creepy

  • Messy lines
  • Bright unusual colors
  • Weird arms/legs shape
  • Head too small/big

I’m sorry, but everytime I saw these things I cringe and can’t stand looking at it.
Don’t kill me


Bright colors together, oh I can’t


I know one!
When they color in a layer OVER the outline.:woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5:
This makes me… disappointed.



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I basically agree with everything mentioned here.

I will be more vague about the subject.

I don’t like artists (although I wouldn’t call them that) who don’t improve their works. They just keep on stamping same low quality works, some even say how proud they are for making it in 20-30 minutes. Not something to be proud of.

I also quite dislike when people, who just started this art thing, start doing requests right away. Get some practice people. Almost everyone who starts (for few exceptions prob, but I’ve never seen such artist) is doing hideously (yes, including me). Practice for some time, please. I’m so over seeing hideous art works and splashes and covers on episode.


Especially with taking requests right away. The person requesting 🤦 is probably going to be disappointed (not trying to be rude or anything) disappointed with smth they have to use now, just bc the artist hasn’t practice much. And as a new artist most don’t know what is copyrighted and not,they think it’s fine to use it.

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This sounds like it’s talking about Episode artists, so it would be at home in Episode Fan Community. I’ve moved it for you. :kissing_heart:

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Thank you so much!!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Please tell me you see the difference :woman_facepalming:
It bugs me when someone edits a cover using to first one instead of cutting from the second which has better quality I think :-
It’s not hard getting a screenshot from the app :smiley: well kinda but if you want the best results

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