Artists Needed! Desperately Needed!

I like to think of myself as a creative person so why not put that creativity to use?
I’m working on two stories and really need a cute and eye catching cover :grin: I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could make a cover art for these two stories.
1st Story: Drama
When World’s Collide
You had nothing until the love of your life swooped in and saved you from committing suicide. You finally had everything… Until you die from a terrible accident. Now, you literally will travel to Heaven and back to find a way back on earth before the funeral service or else you’ll be buried. LL, Full CC, 2 LI
2nd Story: Comedy
Hey Sisters!
With mom and dad gone for a year, you have the whole house to yourself! Well, actually… You AND your sisters have the whole house to yourselves. Having six sisters is one thing but being the only boy is another thing! LL,Full CC, Male MC, 2 LI
If you are interested in making cover art for any of these stories, please pm me so I can show you what the characters look like. Thank you! :grin:



What were you thinking for the cover art?

Sorry for responding late. But im not very sure. I’ll try sketching out what I want it to look like.

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