Artists needed for my art shop!

So I have my art shop named “theartsyperson’s art shop :butterfly:” and I was wondering if any artists can help me? It gets overwhelming sometimes doing a lot of requests by myself on my art shop so I would love to have maybe 1 or 2 people join my art shop as artists and help out with the requests for my art shop so If you want to join please fill the form out below.

Why you want to join:
How active are you:
Do you have any examples?

And btw here’s the link for my art shop below so that you can see it if you’d like to:



On another thread you said you had a test so couldn’t do people’s request’s. I don’t mean to be rude but I would recommend you waiting before accepting new requests.

Ummm that’s what I’m doing. I’m hiring other artists so that they can help out w/ the requests so I’m not accepting new requests.

Your art’s amazing! I’ll let you join my art shop :grin:

Are u still hiring?

No, I’m sorry but I’m not hiring anymore.