Artists Needed For New Shop 💖 (1 spot open for drawn work artist)

i can make splashes if you want! :yellow_heart:
you can check out my thread for examples:

thank youuu!

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I just need for you to fill out the form at the top and then I can add you in :two_hearts:

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of course! <3

  • What can you make/what style you draw in
    i can make moodboards, outfits, character cards, splashes and banners - i don’t do anything drawn :slight_smile:
  • A few examples
    on my shop ahaha!
  • How do you receive credit
    just with my forum name @hollywood.episode
  • How active are you and your time zone
    every day! BST
  • How many requests you can do at a time
  • If you have any problems or things you don’t do
    splashes with characters on them :slight_smile:
  • Character details (Ink preferred)
    *i don’t actually have an ink character, so someone would have to make this for me :sob:
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3 spots left

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ummmmmmm im try bc im bored af :confounded:

  • What can you make/what style you draw in
    Ink and LL
  • A few examples


idk if u need more…

  • How do you receive credit
    @queenscribbles on insta
  • How active are you and your time zone
    im active way more then I should be…
    Time zone… idk i live in california tho :rofl:
  • How many requests you can do at a time
  • If you have any problems or things you don’t do
  • Character details (Ink preferred)
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2 spots :sparkles:

  • What I can do: Drawn and Edited Covers, Splashes, Overlays, Art Scenes, Pfp, Character Cards and Story Cards. Ink and LimeLight
  • Examples: more examples on ‘Pearl’s Art Shop :black_heart: [details=“Examples”] {FREE} [OPEN]’
Character Cards

Art Scenes





image image image

  • Credit: Instagram: samanthami.episode
  • Very active (almost always) Time Zone: UK
  • Requests at time: 3-5
  • No Problems or things I can’t do
  • Character Details: Ink:
    body: Porcelain
    Brow: Defined Natural
    Hair: Straight (Platinum Blonde)
    Eyes: Upturned Feline (Blue)
    Face: Oval
    Nose: Upturned
    Lips: Classic (Scarlet)
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1 spot left! This will open back up eventually but for now once the spot is filled I’ll reply saying so and the shop will start to be prepared.

Hi, i want to partecipate, if i can

  • my style is near realistic and a little bit cartoon (I’m not sure but you can tell me when you saw it)

  • here are some examples of my works

  • i receive credits with a little payment, indeed i take commissions, no free arts, so tell me if you still want me in the shop even if i do not my works for free

  • I’m really active, every day i check if i have new commissions or if i can find someone who could use a little help for their covers

  • i can do as much commissions i receive (they are not too much because people don’t like to pay for arts but i think it’s not too correct because art takes time and also need to be honored in some ways and nowadays how can someone say thanks to another person who doesn’t know? I know that i sound a little bit cynical but it’s true

  • i can do everything as long as it is something like covers, art scene or portraits (nothing else)

_ for characters we are two twin sister so you can do both of us and change only our hair or if that’s a problem for you, you can create only one of us.
Body: light
Brow: seductive arc
Hair: straight (for one of us) and long straight hair (for the other one)
Hair color: blond
Eyes: upturned feline
Eyes color: blue
Face: oval
Nose: elven
Lips: classic
Lips color: blush

That’s all… i hope we can be accepted (fingers crossed)

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Welcome to the group :sparkles:

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All spots are filled for now :sparkles:

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Thank you… i’m so happy😍

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Turns out we actually have a spot available now :sob::two_hearts:

Bump :sparkling_heart: We actually need another drawn work artist :sparkles: I don’t mind what style or anything like that. We just need another member before we can open.

If I don’t get a reply by tomorrow it’s no biggie. That just means we’ll have an ongoing available spot :two_hearts:

Sadly we have two spots now that need to be filled :two_hearts:

Do you also take artists that ask for a commission?

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Yes, we currently have another commission artist working with us aswell :two_hearts:

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That’s great! I’ll fill out the form then :slight_smile:

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  • What can you make/what style you draw in: My style is semi-realistic/realistic
  • A few examples

  • How do you receive credit: I take commissions and credit me by tagging @fiffy.episode as Instagram
  • How active are you and your time zone: I’m actually pretty active and I’d probably manage a commission in about one week or less but it always depends on how many characters poses etc. My time zone is Paris/Berlin
  • How many requests you can do at a time: I do one request at a time but I can do as many requests as come
  • If you have any problems or things you don’t do: I do pretty much everything I mean I wouldn’t do anything like nude scenes e.g. but that violates the episode guidelines anyway so… :sweat_smile:
  • Character details: My character is actually in limelight, I hope that’s ok
    Body: Copper 00
    Brow: Arched Thick Style in Black Dark
    Hair: Updo in Black Dark
    Eyes: Round Downturned Wide in Brown Dark
    Face: Round Soft
    Nose: Defined Natural
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty in Red Deep Gloss

Thank you so much for the offer! I hope you like my art and want to hire me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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