Artists needed for workshop [CLOSED]

I have an episode workshop where I take in all kinds of requests.

I do not have that many artists so if you can do the following, feel free to sign up!

  • Splashes
  • Logos
  • Covers
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays
  • PFPs
  • Art Scenes

Instagram -
Name -
What you can do -
Around how much time you have free weekly -
Examples of your work (optional) -

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I would like to help out, though I’m not sure how active I can be. :relaxed:

Instagram - I have a private, non episode related one. Can I pm you my IG?
Name - Agnes
What you can do -

  • Splashes :white_check_mark:
  • Logos (not sure what that is…) :x:
  • Covers (probably edited, drawn would take some time) :white_check_mark:
  • Backgrounds :white_check_mark:
  • Overlays :white_check_mark:
  • Character Sheets :white_check_mark:
  • PFPs (probably) :white_check_mark:
  • Art Scenes (if I get a lot of time) :x:

Around how much time you have free weekly - A couple of hours, I could probably finish a work once a week (though I’m active almost every day).

Yeah that’s fine! If you can still take requests from time to time then that is all I’m asking :grinning:

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I’m a beginning artist but I may be able to find time sometimes

Instagram - I’ll make one - I’ll pm it once made
Name - Coco
What you can do

  • Splashes - Maybe, I don’t really know what they are
  • Logos - Yup
  • Covers - Yup
  • Backgrounds - Yup
  • Overlays - Maybe? Never tried before
  • PFPs - Maybe, but idk what they are
  • Art scenes - Yup

How much time…
An hour or two max per day, more at weekends, but I’m a bit slow :grimacing:

Okay, thank you! I’ll text you once you have made your instagram!

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Also, PFPs are profile pictures and splashes are things at the end of stories saying ‘follow me on instagram’ or at the starts saying ‘this story contains mature themes’

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Ah OK, I can do those then too

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Instagram- I don’t have one
Name- angelxzriahli
what you can do- all of them with an addition of custom poses
Around how much time weekly- 1-2 hrs ( mostly time on weekends but rlly depends) I have school :grin:
Uploading: 79A90E88-E5B7-4785-B335-0C18AC85EBDE.png…

Okay! I’ll pm soon so you can fill out your member profile :grin:

Okay :+1:t4:

I can do covers logos backgrounds pfps overlays and my Instagram is Alana.k8 my names is Alana Kulbacki I am always free.

Okay! I’ll add you to both the forums and instagram chats!

I’m not entering or anything but my name is Alana too :no_mouth::laughing:

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Btw my account go hacked my new one is Yo_lana06

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Okay, thanks :smile: