Artists needed! *open & active*


Hi! so I’m in need of some art scenes and some other things so please reply to this if you are an artist or know any artists or editors on forums or on instagram! tysm(:smile:


I can’t draw at the moment but I can edit!


send me some examples of your edits & art pls!! (If maybe you’re going to draw again soon)


Ok I ordered a new stylus since my old one broke so it should be here soon




I am in loveeeee with your drawings!! When you get a new stylus maybe message me or reply to this again and i could maybe send you’ve details and stuff?


Hey! I’m a new episode digital artist! I would like to try to make you some art scencess! I don’t have many examples cause I just started working.maybe you can tell me what do you want and I’ll try to make it ? :slight_smile:


Hi! So you said you’re new, but do you have any examples or none because I want to see what your style is like. If you have none, that’s fine just message me & I’ll send you details ?


Hi I can help!


Here are some of my examples.


Here’s the examples

And my first outline which is not that good lol

Here they are :slight_smile:


to both of you: I love both of your art but im going to see all of my options & I’ll message you if I wanna request!(:


I haven’t tried realistic outlines yet , but I guess I’ll try it as well :slight_smile:


I can try to help!




Hey guys! I tried out realistic outlines! Let me know what do you think!


Wow that looks really nice your already improving


If you aren’t doing either of them here are my examples:




Thanks! I tried my best! I just started catching the art secrets :joy: thanks for the tutorial it helped as you can see! :slight_smile:


I did lol and your welcome