Artists To Action! [Help]

Hello my good people. I need an artist to do some cover art for my Limelight story “My Best Mistake”. If you can do something similar to this please leave a reference and/or your name so I can possibly get in touch with you. If you know someone that can do something similar, please let me know. Once we talk, I can give more information. Thank you, I appreciate it! :grin:
50%20AM 29%20AM 47%20AM 15%20AM 38%20AM

I don’t know if this is good enough but I can do this:

My covers

I cancan make, edit covers and drawn covers too

Those aren’t what I’m looking for, but thank you - they are nice!
If you don’t mind me asking: What do you use to cut the white space/crop characters?

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This is one of my examples (drawn) i didn’t finished yet.

Ibis x paint

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Do you have any limelight examples?

Sure. Wait a min.

Didn’t finished yet.

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The first one isa edit/custom pose.

And I’m sure I can make things like what you want.

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