Artists wanted for ep

Does anybody know where I can find artists to do art scenes and a cover for my first upcoming story?
I really don’t mind paying if it’s good art, I want my story to be great quality and personally I love stories with art.
So if there is some IG pages or anything you could recommend to me I would appreciate it.

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Hey u can request something from our art shop

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Hey, you can check out the comission artists list right here:

I can personally recommend @WitchOfLust (her insta for examples: Login • Instagram)

Hope, this helps!

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In case you like my work I would be glad to do commissions
Here you can find my examples
:panda_face: commissions open :panda_face:
And my IG is @epii.jessica …you can find more of my art there :two_hearts:

Hey there , I have sent you the link to my art shop . You can reach me there or else at my instagram account @Episode.chel_c :blush: