Artists wanted for upcoming story

Hey guys, how’s everyone day going so far.
If the answer is yes that’s is awesome :blush:

Anyway as the title say, i’m looking for a artist that can make art for my story that is coming out soon.
If you would like to be my artist, please provide your art work below and I will pm information.

It’s is in Limelight

Here is a description of my story
Title:Unknown Fate
Description:Hailee life hasn’t been the best but then a sudden car turns everything upside down. But what happens when two strangers adopted Hailee? Big secrets is waiting for her in this family.

Hope you have a great day💖

What art do you want from an artist? Cover, splashes or backgrounds?
Do you need a really quick artist or do you don’t want to rush.

Covers, art scene , outline, character edits and I don’t want them to rush because it takes time

she said its a secret so she cant say, My guess is probably, a 3d paint or something, but its just a guess lol.

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that is definitely stealing.