Artists who make edits!

Hey! So… I need some help! I’m really trying to get better at making edits! I know how to make them, the problem is that I can’t make them have good quality. I mean, I can draw Eyelashes, and I like to add details to the eyes and lips, but it’s really hard to when I can’t seem to get good quality.

Are there specific background removers you guys use? Or drawing/editing apps?

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I don’t use background removers, I always do it by hand.
As for quality, I make screenshots through the app since it works good for me. I also use Remini for enhancing the edit, it helps a lot with facial features.
As for apps, I use procreate and like said above, Remini for enhancing.


Hi! My favourite background remover is :slight_smile:

When I take screenshots, I position my characters like this:
&CHARACTER spot 2.0 160 -250
And then I take usually 2-3 screenshots per characters, zooming in on different parts.

Currently I use Pixlr (free website) and Krita (free software) for editing! Pixlr is very simple and it’s perfect for editing with a keypad or mouse. Krita has a ton of brushes and settings, so it’s really nice for drawing.

Lastly, I highly recommend watching videos by @dishsoap and @KylieJay for tips! :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for recommending my videos @fake_bananas :heart:

I have a few tutorials and a bunch of editing videos/compilations on my channel that may be helpful!

I use magic eraser (free) to erase backgrounds manually. I use ibispaint (free) for making my base poses and basic shading, and I use procreate ($10) for all my fine detailing and extra effects :relaxed:
Also, coding characters in your script and screenshotting them from the app will get you the best quality!


Thank you @Dragon, @fake_bananas and @KylieJay! You’ve all been really helpful!


I always use the eraser tool and do it by hand, if you use background removers, they just destroy the quality


hope this helps.

ask anything you want there

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I do believe that removing background/cleaning by hand may take longer but will result in better quality of your overlay. Ibis Paint X has a helpful tool where you can literally fill in the select layer and cut it from your current one! (I can attach what i mean!)

A lot of people are mentioning Remini, I think it’s good for adding the smallest of details but if you apply it to the final product it removes all the added things (glitters, skin details) you already added so it feels… weird (the point of the whole editing by hand is lost- but that’s purely my opinion lol)