Artscene needed for my story

Please… Liam is the @YOU Main love interest. He’s going to be the love interest who changes the @YOU whole life. He’s going to be the main one who helps her to be comfortable w who she is and who motivates her. Hes going to be there for her and he will deeply fall in love with @YOU and @YOU will fall in love with him… The episode story is Limelight style.

Lime light style (By the way)
Character Details

Name- Liam
Skin - Cooper 3
Brows Color-Deep Brown
Hair - Medium Side Curls
Hair Color - Deep Brown
Eyes - Deepset Heavy Lid
Eyes color - Brown Pale
Face - Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose- Male Generic
Lips - Medium Heart
Lips Color - Rose Light Nude Gloss


Pose - Looking at the camera smiling…

Outfit - Swoop Neck Tee Cotton Grey Light,
Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford, and Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

anything extra- nothing extra i just want LIAM LOOKING AT THE CAMERA SMILING


i want my artscenes to look like dese …

Hey, there! I would be happy to make you an art scene! I’ll try my best to have it done by tomorrow!! <3


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No problem! I’m happy to help!

Is this what Liam is supposed to look like? I just wanna make sure I customized him correctly before I start! :yellow_heart:

Also, how close are far away do you want him from the screen? Do you want his full body, waist up, etc.

yes like that

do i want his full body waist up, etc??

How close up to the camera would you want him to be?

Waist up

Ok, got it!! I’ll have it done ASAP :blush:

ok :slight_smile: thank you super duper much

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hey are you done yet?

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I’m almost done!! I’m sorry, it’s taking a little longer than usual! I’ve suuuper busy! I’ll have it done by tomorrow! <3

ok ! Thank you. I’m super anxious.

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I understand, I would be too :joy:

can i see the progress of it?

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Sure! But before I do I just wanna ask if you’re gonna use both my art scene and @mothatrucka 's too. I noticed that you asked us both for an art scene and I’m sure that neither of us would want to make one if they aren’t going to be used. I’m not mad I’m just asking! I’m really busy working on other art covers and scenes for other people too so that’s why I’m wondering… :upside_down_face:

I decided not to do it, after I was informed she asked two people…

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ill use both of them