Artsy Shop (open)

Welcome to my art shop! You could request as much as you like. I could make covers, splashes, pfp, character edits and more. Make sure you read the rules and follow them.

1. No THREAD hopping, it’s just a waste of my time.
2. Make sure you credit me by my form name or my Instagram which is @epi_weird.
3. Make sure you keep my watermark on the art I create you. If you want to move it somewhere else I could do that.
4. Use the form below to request everything you need.
5. Make sure you use the password in the form or I won’t accept your request.
6. Don’t cause any DRAMA in this thread.
7. I work hard on your request at least use it once.
8. Password: favorite food

Click me



Here is the form you fill out:


Is there a way to fill the form again I submitted when I didn’t feel anything out?

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Yeah you can. I deleted your response so you could start over.