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Hey Everyone,

I am a graphic designer and writer. I have experience in digital artworks, written works, and social media marketing. I’ve been making art and doing proofreading for a little while now. You can check out my Instagrams: @Gabriela_Episode and @Bouncytypewriter to see my works…

Feel free to also check out my website Bouncy Typewriter for examples of my previous works and where you can Request Artwork or Editing work if you’d like.

I can also make websites for people that want it, but that will require payment either by buying me a Ko-Fi or becoming a Patreon as that takes a lot of work and time to create and build.

Please give me a way to contact you in case I have questions. If I can’t reach you for a few days, I reject your request and move on to the next person. I cannot keep everyone waiting for one person to reply to me.

Please request through the forms I’ve put on the website so that I can keep track of requests as they come in.

Peace & Love,
Gabriela Kreates

Working: Bold=Proofreading Italics=Artwork

1. @raindrvps - Due 4/18 - DONE 4/16
2. @irishpotato - Due 4/19 - DONE 4/18
3. Diana - Due 4/23 - DONE 4/18
4. @sam.c - Due 5/11 - DONE 4/18
5. @AlyssaThePretzel - Due 5/15 - REJECTED Requester not Responding
5. Isabella - Due 5/04 - REJECTED Requester not Responding
6. @RandomRainbowLily - Due 5/28 - DONE 4/25
7. @ElizabethRose - Due 5/18 - DONE 4/24
8. @Sunset_Shimmer - Due 5/4 - DONE 4/22
9. @Amiraa - Due 5/21 - DONE 4/26
10. @Brie_Smith - Due 5/10 - DONE 4/26

Working: Bold=Artwork Italics=Proofreading Bold & Italic=Website
New List:
1. @Liyahbug611 - Due 7/21 - In Progress
2. @KittyKoala - Due 8/01 - In Progress
3. @KittyKoala - Due 8/15 - In Progress
4. @Jess_epi - Due 9/30 - In Progress

Note: I was on vacation for about a month and that is why some requests are late right now.


Episode characters, materials and platforms (forum, portal and app) are a free service, and the use of these characters and materials provided are solely for personal and non-commercial use .

Hello there.
You have absolutely beautiful well done edits but as you said:

I’m sorry to say that you can not charge unless your artwork is fully original.It’s a violation of episode copyright rules to sell edits/artworks that use episode assets like episode characters etc and your edits do use these assets.
Here is more info for you to look forward to.

Mystery Maker


Ooh ok sorry totally missed this. Thank you.


I’m actually so glad that you were able to help me proofread one of my stories “my secret admirer”
It was perfect thank u so much it helped the story improve a lot due to the correct typos and grammar :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:i’m looking forward for doing more projects with u :two_hearts:

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love yr work :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

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Hai! :blush: I just requested if that’s alright :heavy_heart_exclamation: Love you work!!!:heart_eyes:

Just asking if you could make a cover for my story! The characters needed for it are these two:

Character 1 deets: (left)
Skin- Toffee
Brow- Defined Natural
Hair- Fishtail Braid (Black)
Face- Oval
Eyes- Upturned Bold (Brown)
Nose- Elven
Mouth- Classic (Rosewood)

Character 2 deets: (right)
Skin- White
Brow- Seductive Arch
Hair- Monday Morning Updo (White)
Face- Square
Eyes- Almond Mature (White)
Nose- Grecian
Mouth- Mature Medium (White)

Can I have Character 1 walking along at the bottom of the screen holding a torch/ flashlight and Character 2 in the middle screaming?

Also the background would be inside an old abandoned house.

Hope this makes sense! :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

Oh yeah, I forgot to add since I already sent the form.

Make the hands kind of tilted not horizontal :slightly_smiling_face:

Just submitted :innocent:

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If I don’t reach out to you, please let me know via Instagram or email. I received a lot of requests so I’m trying to make sure I message everyone so they know I’ve seen their request and will get to it asap.


Hi, I’m not sure I got your request, what name did you put on it? I want to double-check.

Hi just wondering, did you fill out a form or this is the details for your request?

I think it was EpyPhoenix :black_heart:

I didn’t realise we had to fill out the form :sweat_smile:
I’ll do it right now!

I’m not seeing it in my requests. Is it artwork or proofreading?

Thank you so much. It helps me keep everything organized. :purple_heart:

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It was artwork :smile:

Ok this was definitely a struggle. The thumbs were not cooperating, but let me know what you think.

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Hey gurl I don’t get what you mean in you thingy :sweat_smile:

I sent you your artwork yesterday right? On Instagram?

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