Artwork (Background) Wanted! (INK) (COULD BE EDITED OUR DRAWN)

Back at it again with requesting artwork! :wink: (don’t hate me please)

So, this time, I’m requesting a background/cover for my story. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s gonna be the opening to each episode.

I can’t pay you, but if there’s a certain requirement/payment that you want, and I’m able to do, I’ll do that! And obviously tag you whenever the artwork makes an appearance!

Thank you to everyone who offers btw!


  • two characters. one boy one girl. (picture of characters down below)
  • title is “2 Years” (theme is pink, so a similar shade or something, and I’d like the title to be in some sort of cursive)
  • background doesn’t matter as long as it’s dark/night and has pink in it
  • I’m aiming for something close up (torso and higher)
  • have the two characters holding hands and the girl resting her head on his shoulder (have them both facing forward)

Any questions, please ask!

If you’re willing to help, comment down below, and comment the edit please!

(Picture of characters);


Nobody is going to respond we need character details, poses, what background do you want we need details, you can’t just say you want two main characters and a title that does not give us anything to work with. I could literally give you this with the information you gave.


NO offense, sorry if I was rude.


Sorry, I’ll fix it! Thanks

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you also need to put it it’s in ink, limelight or even classic since most artists have limited abilities to certain styles.

& if it’s drawn or edited.


You’re right. Thanks!

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no problem :relaxed:

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I’d recommend going to art shops and filling out the forms. :two_hearts::two_hearts: There you can check the Artist’s examples : )

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Thank you for letting me know!

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Closed at request of thread Op. :v: