Artwork covers needed , any artists around?!

Somebody who is good at covers edited or art please help , I’ll be entering The squad Contest !!!


Hello, you can go check out these shops!
:art: Shades Art Shop :art: (FREE) {Open}
Art & Edit Shop :art::sparkles:
Organic Art Shop :sunglasses::innocent: (OPEN)


Hey! Check this art shop
🌹 Thorns and Roses Art Shop🌹 :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

I’m taking commissions at cheap prices if you’re interested :hugs: I can send you examples and prices if you want

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She creates stunning and thoughtful art!

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Thank you :blue_heart:

Che carina che sei :hugs:


Lavoro di PRaggio in giro per farti pigliare più di 2 euro, si spera

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I do :smiley:

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