Artwork for reads!

Hello there! :slight_smile:
I have just published a thriller contest story, and I’d really like to get reads on it. If you’re interested in artwork for your story or something else, just read the story and take a screenshot of the ending you got and send it to me on instagram @tiastories and we’ll talk about what kind of artwork you want done!

Story name: Thriller: Shattered
Desc: There’s a killer ruling the school. Who will you save, or will you even be able to save yourself? Will you make it alive without getting shattered?
Genre: Thriller (duh.)
EXTRA INFO: The story is complete and has multiple different endings, based on your choices!
Ig: @tiastories


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do you have any examples?

I’ll start posting my work on my instagram :slight_smile:

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Oh, forgot to mention that I do all my story covers myself :slight_smile: (at least atm)