Artwork tips and suggestions

Does anyone that does artwork, backgrounds, overlays etc. have any tips? Do you use drawing tablet, pencil and paper? I can draw but have not move from pencil and paper, I would like to expand so I can be of help to the episode community thanks in advance

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I personally use a drawing tablet and a computer for all of the above (artwork, backgrounds, overlays) A phone works too, but I don’t think it gives the best results.

-> Artwork
For artwork, one tip I can give you is to look at other people’s work. Practice. Use references. Get out of your comfort zone.
-> Backgrounds
Backgrounds are really difficult if you want to make them from scratch. The best program to use is Photoshop and I’d recommend looking up some tutorials. There are some free alternatives to it if you search deep enough! Joseph Evans has a tutorial here.

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Do you use certain programs for your art? What do you recommend? Thanks for your response.

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I use Paint Tool SAI, but it costs money. Medibang or Autodesk Sketchbook are some good free drawing programs.

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