As a writer and reader


What do you think if an episode has 4000 lines. Is it to much and should be separated into two, or that’s fine?


It would be fine with me.


hm, i might say yes


Yes what?:upside_down_face:


i may say yes and no about the lines, but its fine by me. So, yeah, those lines are fine.


I would sepetate it in two, for me personally 2000 lines is a good length. Although it depends if a lot of the lines are directing compared to dialogue, it might make the story seem shorter.


Have you timed it? I personally go by time over lines.


I think it’s abo 25 min🤔


i think its the time that counts but 4000 is more than enough :slight_smile:


It should be fine. Have you got a lot of branching? Or is it mostly dialogue?


Personally, I try to keep my episodes under 20 minutes. It really depends on the episode and the pace, but I think in general, most readers seem to like something around the 15 minute mark?