ASAP could you help me make a trailer/teaser for my story

Hi, I’m wanting to release a teaser for my story. And I kinda struggling.
Can someone help?

Sure I can help edit, put things together, or make the thumbnail if you need any of that done. If not than what specifically do you need help with? I am good at editing

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It’s a bit of both.Its probably like a 45 second clip and 1 scene.
I 'll send you the link.
But i’m the scene I’m showing she dressed up in her pageant clothes with mascara tears and sad whilst sitting of the couch.I want there to be like 2 empty wine bottle on the floor with her makeup bag is on the floor.
The camera pan slowly from left to right (from the beginning of the couch to where she is sitting)
Whilst play laughing on the outside (slowed) by Bernadette Carroll (on soundcloud)

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