Asexual Main Character?

Hey, does anyone know a story where the main character is asexual? I am asexual myself and was thinking how amazing it would be if I could find a story where I’m represented, or represented accurately. I have seen side characters who were asexual before however more often than not I find that they are painted as these loveless human beings devoid of human affection. That’s… not accurate. So my question is, does anybody know of a story where the mc is asexual and where the sexuality is represented correctly? If you do, please let me know. It’ll be much appreciated :heart:


Why Won’t You Kiss Me? Is a story that has two main characters who identify as asexual.

It’s a short story. I believe only 3 chapters…


Ace of Hearts by @Yueliang has an asexual main character and other characters in the asexual spectrum :purple_heart::black_heart:

Red-Eyed Cat by @RachelleFaucet has a aromantic main character its a short story :purple_heart::black_heart:

Lost in the Moment by @illustrated.episode has a demisexual character is also a short story :purple_heart::black_heart:


Wild West by @MoonW13


:sob::purple_heart: You’re the best!


Also I love this thread! I’m always up for stories that include the aro/ace spectrum. :black_heart::purple_heart:

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The Deathless by Alvar M has an asexual character and I think I heard that Astronomy Gossip by Echo Dunkelstrom has one too, but I haven’t gotten to that place in the story yet. The only other one I know about that’s not already mentioned is Delirious by Asined that as an ace side character.


I believe the MC’s best friend is ace in “stripped from royalty”!


This sounds great! I’ll check it out!

Oh wow! Thank you!

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Thank you!

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Thank you looks great

I’ll check it out

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How could I forget Waking by @author.AmberJ ! The main character Marin is demisexual :purple_heart::black_heart:


I might have to check it out

She sure is :slight_smile::blue_heart:


Yes, I’m asexual and aromantic myself, so I especially appreciated that you could choose to be that way in the story @Caitoriri wrote, The Infected (my favourite story on Episode anyway).
When I read stories with forced romance, I’m just like, “Cool, but… I can’t relate to this at all…” lol


I’d have to think about it, but one question: are you looking for stories with asexuality and romance both, the opposite, or does it not matter to you either way?

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I don’t mind either way