Asexuality in stories

I wish we could have more writers that explore the concept of asexuality, which is highly discussed lately. Of course I enjoy LGBT stories and I’ve noticed that they have expended lately on the platform, although they are not for people from all walks of life :wink:
Also, in my contest entry, H&V: Delirious I added an asexual superhero (who is about to get married because the people around her don’t actually know the fact that she is discovering her sexuality etc) and despite the hate that I might get (not all people accept this unfortunately :fearful: )
I swear I will on emphasize on this topic once the contest is over because it is IMPORTANT!
Comment below if you know any stories where asexuality is involved, I would love to read them!


It’s so absolutely ridiculous that there are people hating on aces just because we don’t experience sexual attraction. And I’m totally reading your story. Heck, I’ll read it twice let the haters hate.

I know one story featuring an asexual main character, it’s titled: “Astronomy Gossip” by Echo Dunkelström.


The main hero in my story is an aromantic ace! I don’t know if it would be something that would interest you (I’ll leave link and title below just in case), and it’s not something I did a lot of advertising about because her sexuality wasn’t something I focused strongly on. It’s only a small part of who she is. So I didn’t know if it would apply or not as a LGBTQ+ story. :upside_down_face: My main story also features another aro ace, but he’s more of a side character it’s not really mentioned since I couldn’t find an organic way to bring it about. But aside from mine, and the wonderful suggestion above (I love Echo’s work! She’s fantastic!), the only other story I know with an ace in it is Ace of Hearts by Yueliang. Hopefully others will be able to come up with more suggestions for you! :heart:

My story is called H&V: Wild West and the link is:
It’s totally okay if it’s not your think or something you’re not interested in!


As an Ace, I don’t think people understand Asexuality too well. Like when I first was like noticing I wasn’t feeling the same type of sexual desire that others have. Like nothing pisses me off more when my parents say it’s just a phase

I haven’t read any stories with Asexual Characters, so I chose to add it in my Galileo Story (but not until episode 16 when dating comes into play) because I wanted to include the sexuality that I support. (I included Bi, Pan and Ace along with the basic Homo & Hetero, honestly i’m a bit iffy on adding pan, but I did so anyway along with a romance choice for Ace – because some Ace’s want to date, have human contact, have a family etc whereas some just want none.

I agree with as you stated, people seriously want romances in stories like for my H & V entry, the character is a sociopath who can’t feel anything for any other characters, but I get fan mails all the time aRe We GoInG tO hAvE rOmAnccEEE cHoIcEz like brah, BRAH rolls eyes oh well.


I support you and your opinion %1000

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I included an aromatic asexual character in one of my stories. She’s not the main character (the main character is bisexual) but she’s part of the main cast and I’ve made sure she’s not just the token “diverse best friend”.

All the other stories with ace representation I know have already been mentioned (which… just goes to show how woefully underrepresented it is, I guess…)


Completely support!

People are OBSESSED with romantic choices and love interest it’s actually super annoying.
Asexual MC sounds like a good idea!

But I actually hate when people aren’t being themselves, if she’s asexual tf is she getting married? I mean, it can be good, I don’t really know I’ll check it out.

But yeah, awesome!


Well she is basically forced to, but don’t worry, I don’t want to spoil anything but she will have her justice :slight_smile:

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Good lol I haven’t checked it out but it sounds really cool I will soon!

What style is it?

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I completely agree.
Asexuality and/or aromantics are rarely represented on Episode.


Goodness! I was scrolling through the forum and honestly had a double take when I came across this title! I 100% agree! As an ace, to not see myself portrayed in media can feel invalidating sometimes. For someone just coming out it’s all the more difficult. :–(

I can’t believe you’re getting hate for portraying asexuality. If it means anything I think what you’re doing is fantastic and I’ll definitely add your story to my reading list. For a while now I’ve been thinking of writing a story featuring an asexual protagonist- hopefully I’ll get to that soon. <3


I definitely agree with you! I would love to both read and write stories about asexual characters. The only problem is that it seems to be an endless cycle! There’s not a lot of media about them, period, so I think writers feel like there are no reference points that they can take to try and understand asexuality a little better. I would love to read a story or two from an asexual person or someone who is very familiar with asexuality on Episode (or just in the media as a whole) so that I can get a better understanding of the specific issues faced by the community. That way I’d be a little more sensitive when including that particular minority into my stories in the future. I mean, the last thing I (and many other writers) want to do is be insensitive or offensive!


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