🧡 Ashanti monte's Shop 🧡 (OPEN ,FREE)

Hi can I request magic overlays? :smile:

Overlay Form

Password: Sweet spot

State what you are you requesting: 3 Ice powers overlays

Artist you would like to take your request: @Shanti_vu

What it is? (Mouth, hands, eyes?) A block of ice, Ice crystals and shards

What’s the gender, skin tone, ?

Anything else?
Could I pm you examples of images I found for the overlays? I think it might help :smile:

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And the character Jade must be in it. She’s in her twenties.

I only make overlays I dont do covers I maybe continue doing custom poses sorry mam wrong shop :llama:

Ok thanks

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Hey, can I use the cookie overlay from your food overlay examples? I’ll give credit!

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yes u can luv credit me by my forums name ty:blob_hearts: :llama:

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OMG YOUR FOOD OVERLAYS ARE :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I would loveeeeeee to request something, once i get father into my story!! Expect me to be back in a week or two :wink:

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ok luv and ty :blob_hearts:

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