Ashley's splashes shop 😍✨

Welcome to my Splash shop
Here you can request all kinds of splashes
The password is Blueberry pie
Please blur the password when using it
Without the password I will not accept you request.

. Do not steal any splash that doesn’t belongs to you.
. Make sure to use the password Blueberry pie
. No thread hopping - Means you cannot request the same.splash at my shop and request it at another shop
. please give credit

please don’t mind these I do them when I’m bored lol


Splash form

What do you want it to say?
Do you want any characters on it?
If yes, what are the details and outfits?
Any font style?

Please credit me on my instagram @AshleyloveEpisode21

*Thank you for choosing this shop! :blob_hearts:


What do you want it to say? Thank You For Reading This Story!
Do you want any characters on it? Yes
If yes, what are the details and outfits?
Any font style? Surprise me!
Background? Blue sky and clouds :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Password Blueberry Pie

Do you have any pose in mind?

Do you do custom poses? (It’s okay if you don’t!)

Sure just tell i’ll see what I can do…:heart:

Thanks! Can she be doing something like this?
Female figure, feet apart, right arm back, left arm up w/ peace ...

Ohk I’ll try :grin::heart:

I’d like one, please!
Password: Blueberry pie

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Here’s your splash hope you like it :heart:


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It looks really nice! However, it does look a little stretched because I suggested too much text…
how about having it more centered and only having it say:
Music and sound are used in this story
That way, the text could be more in the middle… and I guess the character could be a little smaller because people who read on a tablet might not be able to see the complete splash.

I hope it’s not a problem! :sunflower: :purple_heart:

Ok no its not a problem hun! :heart:

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Perfect! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Beautiful! :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:

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Thank you love :heart: please credit my instagram @AshleyloveEpisode21 :heart:

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