Asian Characters Appreciation Thread! πŸ’•

:star: Inspired by @EpisodeShadow 's lovely [black character appreciation thread] :star:(Black Magic (Black Character Appreciation Thread) πŸ’«)!

Share your lovely Asian characters :woozy_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::partying_face:

ALAINE Southeast Asian, Filipino :star2:

MAI Southeast Asian, Albino Vietnamese :hibiscus:

KAYLA mixed Southeast Asian, British-American, mixed with Thai & African-American :herb:


MIN-SEO (Mini) East Asian, South Korean :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

KEVIN East Asian, Taiwanese :cherries:

ROMI East Asian, Japanese :comet:


ALEENA South Asian, Pakistani :snowflake:

ISAAC South Asian, Indian :leaves:

ALISHA South Asian, Indian :cherry_blossom:

more Southeast Asians

KANNITHA Southeast Asian, Indonesian

KAMALA Southeast Asian, Cambodian

more South Asians

ESTHER South Asian, Iranian

I’ll most likely add more to the post when it’s not 11:54 PM at night :sweat_smile: But I wanna see your beautiful Asian characters so pls share em’!!


Yay!!! :grin::grin::grin::heart_eyes:

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they’re all so cute!:heart:

ahhh especially maiπŸ˜‚

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Right? Mai is so cute I love her!

They look bootiful

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my character on my unreleased story, called typical days!
I’m from south east asia, Philippines

My OC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, it is Freddie Mercury inspired art, by @NellyFromEpisode!


Here are some important characters from my upcoming story:

Both her parents are born in Iran and her father’s family originally came from Philippines.


Her mother was born in Japan and moved to the US for college where she met Roxanna’s father, so she ended up staying.


She’s the mother of Roxanna.


Lilly is so gorgeous :scream::sparkles: Beautiful characters!

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Love this thread! :heart::heart::heart:

It is me! I’m half Filipino btw :philippines:



My Asian characters or can I screenshot some awesome Asian characters from other stories and share?


You can do both!

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Aaaaw yiiisssss I love that answer! I have some screens I’m gonna bluetooth from a story I love called Tribe of Malapinchi by Jannah, have you read it?!


Hmm I haven’t :thinking: I love reading stories about tribes though so I’ll give it a shot

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You totally should! It’s a thriller type story, though, hope that’s okay? ^^’

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^ This Jindara and this my gang! I really like Jindara, LOL, the banter made me laugh ^^ (also kinda relatable) I customized my Nelida here to be Asian as well to fit with the theme of the story ^^

^ That’s right Rudo. Tell her!

^ No spoilers, but…MOTEL LADY! -!!

^ What I find interesting about this story is a lot of things, but all three styles are in it and the characters speak all different types of Asian languages! O.O Like wow!!

The rest of my screenshots aren’t bluetoothing (though they probably will eventually, so … >.>)


Thank you. :heart: I agree, she’s super gorgeous.

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Wow I just read the first chapter and just …wow! The directing is incredible & the story is so intriguing! I admire the amount of effort the author did in researching the languages, names, and tribes. :heart_eyes:


Right?!?!?! She’s so talented and AMAZE!! She needs more recognition, truly! Less than 700 reads T.T A damn tragedy, I tell you!!!