Ask for animation script

I attack here pictures…how called this animation?

Thank for the help…

I think is give passionate kiss (idk the full name)

Both of them?

Yes, but for female and male

If it’s not that it could be something with “bite” (look up in the animation section, sorry idk the full name :sweat_smile:)

And how she fall like this? Like the first picture?

It may be sleep awaken or sit leanback

I will try this in my story

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Hey! I think it’s “kneel_mouth2mouth_give_rear”. Try it and tell me if it works.

Yes!!! But how he catch her like the first pic? With kiss passion?

1st screenshot The male is kiss_dip (I’m sure there’s the word “dip” in the animation) and female might be idle (IDK how they got the character at that angle)
The 2nd (BTW can i ask what story that’s from?) for Bell it’s kneel mouth2mouth give and the other character (Rysa) is doing idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop

I think is from kidnapped by a prince and thanks a lot

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