Ask For Art n’ Stuffs [CLØSED]


Well you did a great job. I could never do any of that.




Sorry I couldn’t specify earlier. By hair edit, I mean a little bit different not just the same as what episode offers for hair! Screenshot_20181206-085039|230x500
Like this but for ink character…


Do you still want your art scene?


Hi I would love to request for a drawn large cover if you don’t mind!
I’d like it to be just one character who is a light tan, I don’t care what type of outfit! With blue eyes and blond hair, also I LOVE the hairstyle in the hand drawn cover and would love to do that if you don’t mind just in a dark blonde color! For the post I’d like her to hold a mask to her face so her face features are cover up! For the background I’m not too picky maybe just a simple black. Plus I’d like the title somewhere on it saying Secret Life!
If you don’t want to do my request I will understand (:slight_smile:
Also I would like it in a regular time but if not I’ll understand if it will take longer!


Hi I want to now if I could request for large and small cover


Yup. I do. How about I send you the details tomorrow?


Could you give me the character details ?


Whenever works best :heart:


If you want to request simply give me the info first!


Could you send the picture you had in mind?


Sorry for the wait! I hope you like it :wink:


Please give me the name of your InstaGram account, so I can send you the large cover also!


Hello again! Can I please ask you to make me an overlay of a star? Kind of like like this but in the color white:

Thank you! :heart:






Okay. I am probably the worst person for making you wait so much but my internet is not working. Sorry. But I’ll send you as soon as I can


Whatever works best for you!


Hi there! I tested some new things with this edit, I hope it’s to your liking! What is your Instagram account username? I’d like to tag you!


Hey, I love your artwork! :blush: I just wanted to know if you were still taking requests? I don’t mind if it’ll take a little while. :wink: