Ask For Art n’ Stuffs [OPEN]



If anyone needs a (sorta okay) edit (covers, edits, profile pictures, etc), you can ask me!

I am not a god. If you send me a picture of your character in the idle animation, I will not do your edit.

  1. give me the character details in which you need to create a character, but you will not be able to choose the outfits. You can give a vague idea though! Please inform me whether you want a photoshopped edit, or drawn. (examples below)

If you choose a drawn edit, you can specify whether you want the hairstyle from Episode’s assets, a combination of Episode’s assets, or a hairstyle from the game Love Nikki. For the latter two, please mention the hair length.

  1. Wait patiently. Notify me if you make any changes to your request.

Also, if you do not include the adequate information needed, I will not do your request until you include all of it.

Combination hairstyle from Episode’s Assets

Love Nikki hairstyles (Drawn edits)





Thank you!


Lol, I love your covers!

The first one is hilarious :joy:


Can someone create covers and backgrounds for me? I promise to give you a shoutout on my story


I can? Need the info mentioned above though.


Thank you! All those kiddos up there are my precious bbys!


ok sure. should i just tell you here?




alright. I want a blond girl and brownd haired guys standing infront of a palace and aiming forward with with handguns. One guy has a pompaduar hairstyle and the other has side shaved hair,


Hmm, do you have more detailed character info? (like the ones you submit when you create the characters)


is that enough info or do you need more?


Also, what position do you want the girl to be in, large or small cover, and what is the title and author name?


like eye color and face shape and all that?




Cause I’m basically taking the character ad enhancing it.


the girl is standing between the two boys and is also aiming a handgun. Large cover and the author’s name is Shoosha


ok. One second


okay! but I still need the character info


ok now. I’m just checking the characters