Ask For Covers? [oPeN]


hey do you think you can mange another cover for me?


Ye, sorry about the late reply. Text the details :slight_smile:


no it’s fine


i want a guy and a girl to be aiming guns while holding each other and being surrounded by 3 other girls and 5 guys


if you can mange it tell me so i can send u the details


I don’t want to request, but I think your covers are amazing! :heart:


Thank you!


Yes I can.


i want the gir exactly like this only with purple hair and full lips and the guy holding her to be the same as the guy on the right only with a chiseld face shape


one of the girls (btw they’re all aiming guns bcz they’re a gang)
has long striaght blong brown hair brown eyes fair honey skin and full thick lips


another girll has wavy blond hair green eyes and blossom lips with fair skin


and the last girl has fair skin blue long striaght hair blue eyes full lips


one of the guys should have cropped black hair chiseld face and black eyes


another guy looks exactly like the left guy on the pic i sent u but he has blue hair


another guy has red manbun hair honey skin and is wearing red and has tatoos


So, I make up everything else?

I’m going to assume YES


can you specify what face shape you want the main guy to be?
chiseled square
defined triangle
something like that?

will be doing defined triangle for now


You only gave me info for 3 boys and 3 girls :sweat_smile: that’s what I’ll be doing then


the main guy has chiseld


and yes it’s 3 guys and 3 girls