Ask For Covers?


that’s all for the large cover


and here’s the info for the small cover


character 1:
so here it is for the large cover,
fair skin
seductive arch brows
round bold blue eyes
diamond face
elven nose
full round red lips
black lace top dress
whatever shoes as long as it’s not boots
circle dangle earrings


character 2
light skin
diamond face
thin brows
classsic lips
unstyled faux hawk fawn hair
red wedding uniform top
prince pants
prince boots


character 3:
light skin
thin brows
diamond face
chestnut pompadour hair
classic lips
botton nose
dark wedding unifrom
prince pants
prince boots


Would yah mind putting it into TWO separate posts? Also, I won’t get to a computer or be online for a week thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:


nah it’s fine and alright


Lol can you please organize your posts into 2 one for the small cover and one for the large thanks ( ̄∀ ̄)


I’m sorry you asked for random and I did random… :sweat_smile:


Sorry that it took a while- hope you like it :wink:


thank you!! i love it!!


Lmao!! I love this! :joy:


Did I not already do this cover? For the same story?