Ask For Stuff/Art/Covers? [oPeN]


character 3:
light skin
thin brows
diamond face
chestnut pompadour hair
classic lips
botton nose
dark wedding unifrom
prince pants
prince boots


Would yah mind putting it into TWO separate posts? Also, I won’t get to a computer or be online for a week thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:


nah it’s fine and alright


Lol can you please organize your posts into 2 one for the small cover and one for the large thanks ( ̄∀ ̄)


I’m sorry you asked for random and I did random… :sweat_smile:


Sorry that it took a while- hope you like it :wink:


thank you!! i love it!!


Lmao!! I love this! :joy:


Did I not already do this cover? For the same story?


okay thanks I was awfully busy those few days


Will you be needing your cover?


yes I’m sos sorry. I’ll send you the dets


okay this is for the large cover.
I need a guy to be carrying a girl i his arms and a girl to b looking at them in the background with her arms crossed in an angry way.
here are the character dets.
couple girl
light skin
smooth arch brows
blond diva curls
blue upturned feline brows
diamond face
red blossom, lips
black heribone tights
short pencil skirt carbinet
dark red with gold ziper ziper crop top
maroon ridged moto jacket
red ziper heels


here’s the dets for the guy
thin brows
blond pompadour hair
diamond face
button nose
small round lips
ripped jeans
red keep calm shirt
weathered leather jacket


this is for the girl watching in the back
olive skin
thick flat brows
long black curly hair
green round classic eyes
diamond face
red classic lips
something black and revealing
story’s name: Dark Love
Author: Chanel Costel
Background: by a river at night


I saw your works and it is amazing! Do you still accept request? I need a small cover for my story
Theme: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Title: Fall Before Dawn
Author: Diane Rose
CC and poses:

Background: Fire, Strong wind, lightning,… anything with the elemental theme
P/s: can you bold the F in fall- make it a different style and size from the other letters.
Thank you :kissing_heart:


I’ll need the full info for your characters though!


-Body: Light
-Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
-Hair: Fishtail Braids (Pop Pink)
-Eyes: Round bold (Hickory)
_Face: Round
-Nose: Upturned
-Mouth: Blossom Lips (Bubblegum Pink)

_Body: Olive
-Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
-Hair: Long Feathered (Black)
-Eyes: Upturned Feline (Hickory)
_Face: Soft Heart
-Nose: Upturned
-Mouth: Blossom Lips (Ruby Red)

_Body: Light
-Eyebrows: Soft Angled
-Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Blond)
-Eyes: Round Luxe (Blue)
-Face: Soft Heart
-Nose: Elven
-Mouth: Classic (Cherry Red)

_Body: Rosewood
-Eyebrows: Defined Natural
-Hair: Rebel Half Shaved Hairstyle (Black)
-Eyes: Almond Classic
_Face: Square
-Nose: Roman
-Mouth: Full Round (Bordeaux)

Outfits and poses are like the picture.


Sorry for th late reply, school started so I was a bit busy :sweat_smile:


Do you still want your cover?