Ask For Stuff/Art/Covers? [oPeN]


Yes of course. Just take your time.


Okay will finish hopefully within this week :slight_smile:


Sorry it took so long :sweat_smile:


OMG it’s AMAZHANG!!! Thank you so much


No problem!


How do I give credit to you?


i’d love it if you could do my cover (if you have time)




@shadowphysic !!


i’d like a loading screen, and my characters over the loading signal, and uner the episode sign


Would that be a cover or a background? What is your characters details?


background (is that ok?) (will still give you credit)

skin: honey, eyes: classics round (brown)

skin: taupe, eyes: upturned bold (green)

skin: peach eyes: classisc round (blue)

skin: taupe EYES: classisc round (taupe)

skin: olive eyes: upturned bold (brown)


I need more information than that :sweat_smile:i need the info you put in to create a character


:sweat_smile: of course
skin: olive
eyes: upturned bold (brown
brow: Defined Natural
Beach Wave Hair (black)
face: oval
nose: refined
lips: full round (blush)

eyes: classisc round (taupe)
brow: Medium Sharp
hair: Boy Bun (black)
face: Square Jaw
nose: button
lips: classic (taupe)

skin: peach
eyes: classisc round (blue)
brow: Thick Arch
hair: Spiked Up Hair (auburn)
face: Square Jaw
nose: button
lips: classisc (blush)

skin: taupe
eyes: upturned bold (green)
brow: Thick Flat
hair: Beach Wave Hair (black)
face: oval
nose: Aquiline
lips: Classic (scarlet)

skin: honey
eyes: classics round (brown)
brow: Bushy wide
hair: Short Cropped Hair (black)
face: Chiseled Square
nose: button
lips: classic (taupe)


It would really speed it up if you send me a photo of the characters in the poses you want over a plain background, cause then I don’t have to make a completely new characters.


Of corse👍🏼


could the girl with the jacket stand in the middle. the guy with man bun and the girl with the blue dress stand on right side. then the two other stand on left side?



The reason for the graininess is from the image you gave me :slightly_frowning_face: sorry


Thank you, i really liked it😘 do i write Shadow_Physic then when i give you credit. Or something else?