Ask me anything you want and I will be completely honest!


No joke. Ask @ChayChay and I anything. anything. And I’ll be honest.

Idea credit to @ChayChay.

Anyway. There are no rules.


Remember: these are all honest answers so do not call either of us a liar. thank you :slight_smile:

Tagging people who might have… questions.

@kerubiel (you already know everything about me. I think. :relaxed: but if you wanna play, it’s really fun)

Confession thread part 2 :kissing_heart:

What is this?


I can already see the drama this would create :eyes:


Don’t really but thanks for the tag. If I have a question I’ll ask you.


Hey me too. Ask away!


axtually I am hoping to only have questions and answers on here so please delete that, or I’ll flag it as off-topic. thanks!


If you had the option Would you marry pizza? If so, what kind? :thinking:


I don’t know about this actually. I think it’s may be a good idea. But as a pm.

  1. no I wouldn’t marry pizza, I would marry @kerubiel.
  2. but if I didn’t have a choice, and I had to marry pizza?? Anything. Just not pineapple pizza.


its not only for you, its for the whole community. I’m not making a pm with the whole forums lol. Anyone can ask me questions.


Well fine. I’m just going to pm you.


What is ur favorite food? :thinking::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


ok. but please remember all my answers will be honest so don’t call me a liar :slight_smile:



hot dogs


What’s your biggest fear?


losing @kerubiel


Being alone


If you really want to be honest why did you not tag @Episode-Diamonds


oh yh I forgot thats chris lol I’ll tag her now



Anyone got any questions or know anyone who might???