Ask Me Anything!

Some of you may know me from my posts with @epyxmagic or from my first story, The One, which I co-wrote with @Danielle318 ! I have a bit of time to kill tonight so I figured I’d let you guys ask me anything to keep me entertained! Your questions can be Episode related but they certainly don’t have to be! Fire away 💁🏻


Ooh. Okay. What us your biggest pet peeve about your writing and yourself?

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Who or what inspired you to write?

It could be someone not on episode

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  • is there anything you’d change about this community (on the forums)
  • how long have you been in epymagic

episode crush?? :smirk:

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Hmm I feel like when it comes to writing my biggest pet peeve is the fact that I only know the basics of coding so I end up putting a lot of extra work on your plate! But for writing itself I think that the hardest thing is having confidence in myself. Since our story is my first time attempting creative writing, I feel pretty insecure at times and I worry that my ideas aren’t good enough :woman_shrugging:t2:

When it comes to myself I’d have to say that my biggest problems stem from my mental health. Most people think that I’m always happy which I can be but it’s very exhausting to put on my “public face” at times or having to pretend that I’m not going through something! I’m also emotional and sensitive to begin with which is okay but it can be hard to deal with when it’s heightened by periods of anxiety.

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I don’t have one particular inspiration but reading has always been my favourite hobby. I love getting lost in the lives and the worlds of characters and I also love learning things from books. I’ve always wanted to create that opportunity for other people and I’ve always dreamed of bringing my own stories to life but I never thought that I would be capable of it. I’m still a novel creative writing but the amazing members of the Episode community gave me the push that I needed to start writing on this platform!


Aw! Don’t worry! I’ll teach you when/if you want me too. Make a seperate PM sometime and I will!

Aw! Don’t feel that way! You are way better at writing than I am! I have more confidence in our story BECAUSE of your writing!

Élise if you need too, step back, but DON’T try to always seem great because we all know you can’t always be great!

  • what is your favorite animal
  • if you could travel anywhere, where would you travel
  • do you prefer road trips or plane trips
  • have you been outside of the country? If so, how many other countries
  • what’s your ethnicity (if you’re fine with answering)

I haven’t really given this much thought but I think that it would be really helpful if we had more categories! Instead of just lumping everything in to the general chat, it would be nice if there were designated places for threads dealing with different racial or cultural communities who want to connect with each other, LGBTQ+ threads, places to seek advice, places to form book clubs and other groups. I know that all of this exists already but if we had more categories it could be organized and easier for users to find :blush:

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I have been a member of epyxmagic since December I believe and I’ve loved it so much :two_hearts:

As in my character crush? :thinking:

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Awe thank you! you really are the best :two_hearts:

I’m so happy that I found you because I never would have been able to write without you! Your encouragement means the world to me :heart:

Thank you :heart: I actually find that writing is one of the things that helps me the most and I love keeping busy! I find that it can just be hard in certain social situations at times but I have my ways to manage :blush:

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I really love animals so this is such a hard call. But I would have to say wolves. They’re so intelligent and I think that they’re such beautiful creatures. I’m also a big dog person so I always dreamed of having a wolf when I was little :joy:

There are so many European countries that I’d like to see but I’d love to travel to France. I grew up learning French and I did a French degree at university so I’ve learned so much about their culture, food, landmarks, history, etc. and I’d just love to see it all for myself one day :blush:

Definitely road trips! I grew up going on road trips every year for sports and I really love getting to go on them with my dad. But I also don’t mind planes since I’m constantly travelling for sports and to see family but since I usually have to do that alone I don’t like it as much :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes! I am from Canada but I have been to the United States, Cuba, and Italy!

My ethnicity is rather mixed! I’m Canadian but almost all of my family members from my great-grandparents/ grandparents generations are immigrants from other countries. So I’m also part Polish, Ukrainian, Irish, British, Welsh, Scottish, and Chinese. My Chinese heritage in particular is very important to me because it’s really impacted my family history and some of our family traditions :blush:


Woah that’s a lot, cool though!

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Kamiel from Cursed Evil Love by @sophookles is definitely up there but I also love Samuel from Mindreader by @Alusza !


Thank you! I love learning about my heritage and it’s really shaped how I see the world and others. There are some downsides when people are racist or insensitive about it but it’s something that I love about myself :blush:


I do too! But my parents don’t really talk about my ethnic background at all so every time I learn something new, it’s super shocking to me ahha

But yes, this world is sadly disgusting when it comes to racism


No! I am not. And yes, I put you on a high pedestal. To be honest, I value you as one of the most wise, kind, sweet, and a ton more, people in my life! If only I grew up in Maple Land! I mean Canada.

Aw! Probably me too if I am honest, I wrote my story Miracle and gave up not because it’s bad but because of the time it took to write and code, as well as it made my confidence go down(because I keep hating my own writiing.)

Me too! Writing has really helped me because I can just zone out. Sometimes my parents take my phone because I am always writing.

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