Ask Me or My Characters Questions!

Hello! I’m writing a story called Growing a Protagonist, and I thought it’d be fun to let readers ask me or the characters questions. I’ll have a special section at the end of each episode to give answers. However, since I have to publish the first three episodes at once, I won’t be able to get questions for them. So I figure I’d ask for some on here! You can ask anything from what’s their favorite color to politics to what their home world is like.

Please keep in mind that I can’t answer anything inappropriate/spoilery. I’ll put the answers on this forum as well as in the actual episodes.

I’ll give a quick summary and the characters so you have something to go on. And just a warning, I’m rather slow at writing, so it may be a bit before I actually publish the story. Thank you guys so much!

Title: Growing a Protagonist
Genre: Mystery/Adventure
Full summary: There are many parts to a protagonist and their reason for existing. After you wake up with all your memories about yourself gone, you meet protagonists who were taken from their stories. In order to unlock the secrets to the world around you, as well as find a way to get the others home, you must investigate the pieces of their worlds you come across.
Note: All of the characters are original, so none of them are from real-life books.
Features: customizable MC (can customize appearance, gender, and pronouns), LGBT+ characters, multiple endings, one male love interest one female love interest or the option for no romance


Age: 25
Occupation: Detective
Despite waking up not remembering anything about yourself, you’re excitable and easy to please. Most of the time you wear your heart on your sleeve, but you often try hiding any sadness, and you have a bad habit of working yourself into exhaustion if someone doesn’t stop you.
Fun facts: You’re a great cook and hate the beach. Why do you hate the beach? Sand. Sand gets everywhere.

Age: 31
Occupation: Knight, Former Captain of the Royal Guard
Bramwell is an honorable and considerate man who strives to protect those who need it. While he might seem like the perfect picture of a typical knight, he believes he’s anything but—he thinks he’s a pushover and shows too much emotion.
Fun facts: Bramwell becomes a hug-happy, loving mess when he’s drunk. His favorite types of food are jellies and jams.

Age: 23
Occupation: Would-be Fitness Trainer, Human-allied Soldier in the Vampire War
His patient and welcoming demeanor draws people to him. Proud of his fitness, he has a tendency to show off, and he loves a bout of competition. Valentin’s close to his twin sister, Alejandra, and he’s known to be a flirt.
Fun Facts: He can’t stand cold treats like ice cream or slushies. He can do more squats than his sister.

Age: 23
Occupation: Children’s Physical Education Volunteer, Human-allied Soldier in the Vampire War
She comes off as gruff due to her curt, sometimes harsh speech. However, she’s surprisingly good at dealing with other people’s moods and calming them down. She’s close to her twin brother, Valentin, and doesn’t take kindly to being ordered around.
Fun facts: She’s great with kids and can bench press more than her brother.

Age: 17
They/them pronouns
Occupation: High School Student
Zach is a master at questioning authority and finding ways to get what they want. Quick-witted and creative, they can be your best ally or your worst enemy. Underneath the smug exterior they can be insecure and procrastinate dealing with personal issues.
Fun facts: They own two phones and are notorious for pranking their enemies.


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