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If you have any questions about coding, directing, tips on your story, promoting your story, where to find art or whatever you’re confused about to do with Episode, ask here! I’ll do my best to answer as well as I can!

Also, Afritina is African-American Latina.

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I can give advice on:
~How to promote your story
~How to improve any art you have made
~How to write about things that people will enjoy
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~Script errors
~And more

I can tell you how to:
~Get backgrounds
~Find overlays
~Find Art scenes
~Find splashes
~And more!

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Hola! I'm new here :)

Why can’t we upload props?


Episode hasn’t put that in yet. Bummer, right?


Yeah. I also wish that we could create our own outfits…


Like without Epy clothes.


that would be such a cool feature


Yeah! Then I could create vintage outfits. And outfit layering, too. Sometimes the layers are wrong…


when my limelight character wears headphones, you can’t see them at all


Yeah. Hats, too…




I mean, the hats are fine. I just wish there were more fedoras (especially on LL)


How do you make a character speak when they r not in the scene? like you can see their speech bubble but you cant see them? xx


Try to use

Dialogue here


is there a away of doing it so we see a speech bubble? not the square one x


Maybe have your character in a zone that is not seen, then just say

Dialogue goes here


Oh yea, thank you x


My pleasure


sorry for so many questions but how do you make the screen flash so it looks like a pictures being taken?



@transition fade in white in 0.3


And please feel free to ask as many questions as you want!