Ask The Next Person A Question GAME


Hey guys :wave:t5: So here’s how you play.
It works by having the OP post a question. The next person who replies answers the question, and then asks a question of their own. The next poster replies to that question, and then posts a question of their own. And so on.

@EPISODIAN1 asks “Have you tried Pizza before?
@Episodian2 answers: No; Do you write on episode
@Episodian3 answers: Yes; When was the last time you read?
i’ll start first!


What country are you from?


Australia. What do you enjoy doing on weekends?


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Episode. What do you read on Episode?


LOTS of user stories and some good featured ones. (e.g. Haute as Hell, Matchmaker…)

What do you think about broccoli on pizza? everyone talks about pineapple on pizza, lets talk about broccoli


I think it’s gross .

What do you think of cliche stories ?


I hate them. I need something unique.

What do you think of bad boys as love interests?


I would rather go workout for 6 hours than have them as my love interest.

Do you like lasagna?


Never tasted.
Where are u from?



Are you older than 17?



Do you write on Episode?


I’ve tried to.

Are you secretly a CIA agent here to infiltrate the forums and send tor organization report so on the notorious killer @FallenAngelNight13?


That’s Classified.

Penguins : What do you think about them?


I love penguins I have a cuddly toy of Skipper from madagascar that I won in a crane machine :grinning::grinning::grinning:

What do you think of me?


Hmmm - your user name is strange. Other than that, I don’t believe we have chatted

Your dream wedding?


As long as there’s lasagna involved, it would be my dream wedding.

Do you have an apple device



Is your phone’s screen (or glass protector) broken?

@Chocolate_Mama says hi


Nope…for once
Do you like pigs for pets NOT FOOD.


Nope. Not even for food.

Is chicken the only meat you eat?

@Chocolate_Mama says hi!