Ask The Next Person A Question GAME


not really lol


(You need to add a question for the next person there buddy :wink: )


yh ik.



Do you like silent car rides or music filled car rides?


Music filled car rides.

Have you ever been skydiving?


Nope, and I never want too.

Would you be okay with helping someone create a hybrid monster thingie?


Probably not.

Would you ever dress up as a clown for Halloween?


Yeah but I’d probably combine it with something else.

What’s a quote that’s really stuck with you?


Don’t let anyone get to you. They can only pull the trigger if you hand them the gun.

What is/was your favourite subject at school


So the concept is simple. I ask you a question. You answer it and then ask a new question… And so on!


Person 1. How so you dissect a frog?

Person 2. Carefully. What is the cost if an iPhone?

I hope I am clear.

So let’s begin.

Why people make a big deal out of everything?


Becuase they are petty, stupid and annoying!

Why is the world round?


Over millions of years, gravity pulled the small rocky and icy parts towards each other until they started to stick together. Eventually these small parts grew from the size of sand into the size of mountains.
These mountains of rock and ice are fluffy, like giant dirty snowballs. So the small mass - and weak gravity - of the whole mountain is unable to overcome the hard shape of the rock and ice lumps to become round.
Fluffy mountains like these got swept together billions of years ago to make the planets we recognise today. But some of them are still minor objects in the Solar system. These bits of leftover planet-building material, called asteroids and comets, have very lumpy shapes. Some are shaped like potatoes and others like eggs.

Why do some people detest diversity in the world?


Because they are selfish and probably rich or religious/catholic.

How much of the worlds population is psychopaths?


Scientifically, approximately around 1% of the world’s population consists of psychopaths.
Non-scientifically, psychopaths are a majority of the people who surround me at school.

Why are most people so scared of accepting the truth in certain situations?


Shock. It takes people time to process certain info - especially if the news is HUGE. Either that or they’re the one at some sort of fault and they don’t want to accept it

How many people sneeze every minute

I’m sorry to the person that has to answer this lol


im ded m8

  • One person sneezes, on average, less than four times per day. But, for the question, let’s say each person on Earth sneezes 4 times a day exactly.
    • This means that: 4 sneezes / day
    • This means that: 1 sneeze / 6 hours
    • This means that: 0.167 sneezes / 1 hour
    • This means that: 0.00278 sneezes / 1 minute
    • This means that 0.0000463 sneezes / second.
      81,019 sneezes per second, on average. about 27,005 people sneeze with you every time you sneeze!

I couldn’t find anything else related this is all from the internet lol sorry

Why do we cough?



How can I stop getting easily jealous over little things- supportive parents, thriving relationships despite being in one, etc?


Oof, this is hard… But imma try so bear with me

By always remembering that these are experiences, and that other people might be experiencing these experiences too, and remembering that experiences are apart of life, and life changes, and by also remembering that you don’t know what everyone is going through, you could be jealous of them, while they be jealous of you. Sometimes jealousy is just natural

Are ghosts real?


Ghosts being real is completely objective to someones opinion.

How big is the Indian Ocean?