Asking for any and all help!

Hi. Okay so I have a really weird request from all of you! I got so wrapped up in a story a few months ago that I CANNOT seem to find anywhere but I also can’t remember the name. It was about a girl (me) hooked up with a guy on summer break but when she came back to high school he turned out to be her new teacher! They have feelings for each other but know it can’t work so she starts to have feelings for another guy as well. Things really change when she finds out she is pregnant! I never finished the story and would like to play again so I am asking for your help to find it! Ugh it is sooo good. Another problem is that it could have been on a different app (choices). I’m in a real pickle here.

Maybe one of theses?
The Teacher - Mette M. Peleikis
Forbidden Chemistry - Anastasia S.
The Teacher - Greggles

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Maybe its Forbidden chemistry
Because in it the MC went on a summer break, had a boyfriend, got a break up, but was in love with him AND then he was her teacher AND the most hectic part was that she was pregnant.
Or maybe TEACHER (not that teacher with art scene)
I never completed it though so, I don’t remember it

YES! It’s Forbidden Chemistry thank you thank you thank you!!!

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