Asking for constructive criticism

NOTE: I usually don’t post stuff like this, (Actually, like, never…) but… you know… I’m just gonna try something new, (GASP) for once.

So, I decided to try drawing (not full time, but just for funsies). I did stop drawing years ago because I got bored of it, but today, I was liikeee… You know what? I should try drawing, just because… you know…

TBH, this drawing probably wasn’t worth the 3 hours I spent on it, but to anyone who might not know, this drawing is based off of the webtoon The Secret Of Angel.

I might (And that’s a big “might”) try digital art, but I wanted to retry my hand at physical drawing on paper (Because it’s good to start at the bottom and work your way up… you know?)

Asking for constructive critisism on how to make this drawing better. I didn’t bother doing coloring because … f that, or shading, because I am NOT good at shading. If you do offer a piece of advice, I’ll greatly appreciate it, and keep it in mind for the future!! :kissing_heart:

(ALSO I know this is really bad quality, because I took it from my phone, and pixels don’t translate as well onto the pc, which is also partially the reason I rarely take photos of my stuff)


Amazing! :revolving_hearts:


It’s beautiful, but I think you should’ve made the head larger as it’s a bit out place compared to the body and hair. :blush: Either way it’s still beautiful!


That’s what I was thinking earlier!!! :joy: Thank you for telling me that!! :kissing_heart: If I do try drawing something like that again, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. :smile:

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Aww thank you!! :blush: :heart:


No problem :revolving_hearts:


Do you think I should try coloring / shading it? Or nah?

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It never hurts to try!

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Now I know why it looked so familliar.

As you can see, the head is bigger in the image, and the eyes are tilted upwards.

The arm is slightly wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, it isn’t constantly the same size.


Beautiful, do me jk lol


Amazing drawing, and it’s a great start, considering you haven’t drawn in years! However, this can be improved by implementing facial proportions. I think by just having things like placing the eyes halfway down the face would improve your drawing significantly! Regardless, don’t stop trying you have a lot of potential! :two_hearts: And I love the voluminous hair you drew on her!


This looks more like a reference from the webtoon true beauty then the one you named :joy: looks great though

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Ahh I just realized! They’re actually the same webtoon, but just different names :thinking:

Also, thank you!! :kissing_heart:

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oooh i had no idea :joy:

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