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~Advocate Rap Inspiration~

No, I’m not a slave,but I still feel chained.
Racism is everywhere nowadays.
I just wanted to say… stop the homophobia, it’s not okay.
I lie in bed at night, fearing for the worst.
Having colored skin seems like a curse.

The president, he’s blind.
Children, they’re dying.
Parents, they cryin’.
Citizens are lying…
Everybody got problems.
But I never expected skin to be one of them.

Giving dirty looks, cause of my complexion.
Momma got blamed for a sin for her skin, when the people who were behind it, I despise it.

Ashy lips, ratchet mot-ives: that’s what we’re summed up to.
“Blacks can’t be gay!”
You the heck are you talkin to?

Lemme get back to homophobia,
LGBT can’t feel at home because:
People are shooting, tryna dodge it
People are killing, Sabotaging it
People are lying, camouflaged it
We all are human and that’s how I define it.

Sexism is also a number one problem: I’m a woman but if I gotta punch someone, I gotta.
Cause you know, we go through the worst.
Underestimated but depend on us to iron your shirt?
I pray for all the women out there, and men too. Cause some people just look at them and call em sexist too!

What I’m trying to say, is just know you you’re talking to…



@everyone The first one is up!


Girl! You got talent! I’m glad you wrote that & decided to share it. Society has shaped us into something we shouldn’t be! Keep up the good work. I love poetry & I can relate to your rap


Thank you!


You welcome! Thanks for posting this!


Woowww you are an incredible writer, I’m definitely watching this thread!


@RastaUnicorn do you mind if others post on here, (in their own written raps) or is this for you personally and the feedback of others?


You can post your’s here!


Okay, thanks. Does it have to be over a specific subject/the same as this one?

(P.S.- I like your writing/lyrics style :slight_smile:)



No! Anything you want!


Love the 2nd verse!


Thank youuuu!!!


Okay, @RastaUnicorn, I finally finished mine. (Hopefully it didn’t turn out as more of a rant, I just tried to say what I think, so…here it is.)

They're afraid

They don’t think this was meant to be a rant, but they can’t express themselves otherwise

Yeah, they break down right before your eyes

This isn't personal, 'cause it's just their mind

They know it's the past, but they can never seem to leave it behind

"I feel nothing but the cold," right? This is starting to come off as more of an annotation,

I want to see if I can find another word for myself other than 'contemplating.'

Down on my knees, I've been doing the most. When I find it hard, I'm a mask. And the wearer seems to want to boast.

Who's the real host?

I like it with the door closed, so nobody can see me.

Yes, it is my fault that I'm not fond of speaking my feelings.

Less of a fine line, more like a thick wall. Unconsciously trying to stall
Sometimes I feel nothing at all
…they feel like nothing at all (?)
If I'm a product of cultures, races and societies, I think I need to be recalled.

I've got an 'Afro' that makes me feel like a character on Spongebob, which is of no actual relation, I'm just making up nonsense.


Cause if my thought process,
Emotional cautions
'YouTubers', watching
Unconscious consious
Markets I'm lost in.
Scenarios turned deals
Manage appeal
Things that I feel

Are ever even a little close to real…

I should Stop, before this is a rant, but I've gone a bit too far.

Lately I've wondered what it meant to be 'black'
They're 'scared' to share my emotions, aware of the responses they'll attract, memories possibly brung back.

But it's fight or flight, should I vent or should I run?
Keeping things in is a daily occurence, that should be easy for one.

I'll try this one thing…
My race limits me, when I forget I have it. It's become a habit of those in even less than my acquaintance.
…To assume, that is. Assume these things about me.

Even if it isn't discriminatory or such, it still feels like dividing.
Human, all the same. Facing challenges, impulses can be deciding.
I never said to forget, just keep it in mind as you move forward.
…Now I should stop before I cross 'my own' censoring borders.

I spent half of yesterday wondering if I should put half the things on my mind on the confession thread.

It's weird, now it's 'off my chest' and 'I'm fine,'
Few days, due pays, will it return?
Just add another question to that pile over there.

Yeah, the one that looks really heavy, it's been weighing on my mind.
And I would sort it out, but I always run out of time.
They just keep coming.
Should I appreciate the persistence? Or be annoyed that they're still searching?

My best friend used to be Misery, wrote a song about it. And it's funny, 'cause my new friend is something else I have more of, I don't doubt it.

She's okay, I had to push her away though.
Does it mean you have a good heart when you can't even hurt something fictional?

I don't want to question what's real or not,
The honest fact that I can feel tears coming means that I should probably stop.

I'll find another time to keep pushing my limits, more like testing.
For now it is the best thing,
To wait.

Cause I know they're afraid.

P.S. - @RastaUnicorn thanks for letting me post this on here, I have a career interest in being a ‘rapper’, or at least in the music industry. It’s nice to see someone else with interest in songwriting.


You’re awesome!


yayyyyyyyyyyyy go rastaaa!


Thanks :slight_smile:, so are you with your lyrics.




Wanna write together?